Timo Arthur's new acoustic singles "SING ME INTO HEAVEN (FOR EVA CASSIDY)" and "THE STORM" available for download now!

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And in other Exciting News...

Timo has been working hard with Memphis-based blues artist and five-time Blues Music Award nominee Brandon Santini, traveling throughout the US and Canada since April of 2014, as well as performing in Memphis, and songwriting when off the road. Though after over ten years of hard touring, Brandon has decided to slow things down and take a bit of hiatus. So Timo has been working on his own music and has released his new single "Sing Me Into Heaven (for Eva Cassidy)", a pop ballad he wrote in tribute to the late singer, on which Timo plays piano rather than guitar. The recording also features Eva's brother, Dan Cassidy, on violin and string parts. The song was recorded at Memphis' famous Royal Studios, where Bruno Mars' Grammy winning hit "Uptown Funk" was recorded, as well as many Al Green classics! Dan Cassidy recorded his parts from Iceland where he currently lives. 

But just because Timo is writing, recording, and releasing pop music doesn't mean he has quit playing blues! He still has shows with Brandon as well as with Gracie Curran and will continue to play with them for the foreseeable future. Be sure to visit www.brandonsantini.com as well as www.graciecurran.com for dates!